Our Company

We Are Proud To Be

GxP-CC was founded in 2013 with the goal to support Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Dental companies to overcome the challenges of regulatory requirements.

Our customers fulfill a vital role in the supply chain of products which have a quality of life effect on all of us as patients. Our goal is to support and optimize the processes & controls to assure a seamless integration between the scientific results, the regulatory requirements, and the technological applications.

As a professional service provider, we strive to always keep our team ready today for tomorrow’s challenges. Business disruption coming with new technological advances is no longer a question of “if,” but of “when.”

Why GxP-CC?

Based on our extensive knowledge of the Life Science industry we believe GxP-CC can offer you services to make your projects successful, cost-efficient and within the project, a timeline initially defined.

Qualified consultants having 15 to 20 years of industry experience

All of GxP-CC’s consultants have been working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for numerous projects and in some cases over 20 years. 

In-depth industry knowledge

Each member of our consultant team brings an individual and unique knowledge of the industry to our clients.

Strategic planning in all aspects of our services

From start-to-finish, the strategy is considered and provided to all of the guidance and hands-on activities to deliver your project.

Keep In Touch With Our Values

This is how we think, act and engage with our customers, employees, and community
We Dare

We Dare

Our typical customer projects involve the forefront of technical and scientific convergence. We Dare to face the consistent re-invention and re-positioning of our expertise and knowledge, where it will have the highest value for our customers’ projects.
Superior Inbound Material

We Share

Within our organization, we value growth and learning and invest significantly in knowledge management to ensure that We Share our most up-to-date experiences and problem-solving approaches within the industry.
Exceptional Customer Support

We Care

At some time in life, we are all patients, and We care about the best healthcare for our loved ones. Providing excellence in everything we do is our way of contributing to an increased quality of life for all.
We Always Deliver

We Always Deliver

Through the implementation of our ISO 9001 certified quality approach, we ensure competent and repeatable high-quality deliverables throughout the project lifecycle. Our project delivery methodology is fundamentally based on the Project Management Institutes’ PMBOK framework and includes Classical as well as Agile components to ensure that We Always Deliver.

Interested In Joining GxP-CC's Team?

Our organization is comprised of an international team with diverse industry backgrounds, which provides us with invaluable insights & perspectives on the most complex life science industry challenges. Through our employee stock ownership program, we have achieved our growth and equity together through 100% employee-ownership.

Meet the executive team

From start-to-finish, the management team provides all of the guidance and expertise necessary to deliver a high quality and efficient compliance project tailored for you.

Achieve Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Compliance By Partnering With The Global Industry Experts

The company was founded by experienced and active experts in the Life Science industry and they created a broad range of services for validation and qualification to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and dental industries.

By taking advantage of this extensive experience in product development and regulatory affairs, GxP-CC is leading and helping companies to accelerate and develop validation/qualification strategies over all phases of the software and hardware lifecycles.