Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Mitigate Your Risks And Maintain The Integrity Of Your Product With The Right Supply Chain Management Strategy

The GxP-CC Supply Chain Management Services focus on the relationship between our clients and their suppliers. These services cover the complete supplier lifecycle including:

  • Definition of requirements
  • Supplier evaluation and qualification
  • Contracts
  • Preparation and execution of regular supplier audits

Evaluation Of The Process

The evaluation procedure begins with the definition of the technical, commercial and quality requirements for the supply chain management process. We provide support during the survey and evaluation processes in order to identify those suppliers who best fit your needs.

Building A Successful Supplier Relationship

After identification of potential suppliers for your company, we give the support necessary for the creation and extrapolation of your documentation (e.g. service level agreements). We can create a strategy for maintaining a long-lasting, reliable partnership between you and your suppliers that also includes the definition of procedures and training for the suppliers themselves.

Quality agreements and the verification of those agreements are key success factors for a successful partnership.

Quality agreements and the verification of those agreements are key success factors for a successful partnership. As our client, we provide you with a joined change control procedure which ensures all relevant changes made by the supplier are communicated with you, are acceptable to you and, whenever necessary, are approved by you.

GxP-CC offers additional value by providing synchronization between the qualification methods used by both our clients and suppliers in order to enforce a lean and efficient management of those suppliers.

Supplier Audits Designed By Experts In The Field

At your disposal are specialist auditors with a wide range of experience in auditing suppliers for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Using their experience gained over the previous 15+ years, we have constructed templates in the form of check lists which, with minimal adaption, can be used for supplier audits. These are used in conjunction with supplier information you provide to us once you request the audit.

With direct experience in the related business areas, our auditors offer you expert insight into the processes required for those areas. The outcome of the supplier audits are monitored continuously at periodic intervals. This allows for the identification of any trends, particularly those that may require closer observation. GxP-CC can provide monitoring service for you or offer training courses teaching you how to conduct the monitoring process.

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