GxP-CC Corporate Responsibility 

Inspired by our clients, GxP-CC is committed to creating positive outcomes for the next generation

In recent years, the world has been forced to recognize just how fragile and interconnected our global structures truly are. We’ve watched industries transform and companies sink under the pressure of mounting global risks. Yet, here at GxP-CC, we’ve also watched our clients transform to drive powerful health outcomes through their work, making an incredible impact upon the world around us. It’s become increasingly clear that responsible companies can and should take action to positively shape the world for future generations.  

GxP-CC’s corporate social responsibility initiatives were born from our commitment to strengthen our global resiliency through contributions that leave a healthy impact upon local environments and positively influence the world we leave behind for the next generation. This work is being performed through a number of GxP-CC initiatives guided by NSF/ANSI 391.1: General Sustainability Assessment Criteria for Professional Services and certification to the German Sustainability Code.

GxP-CC encourages all employees to make the same commitment by providing them with paid time off to make a difference for worthy causes of their choice. The results of our team’s volunteer work exceed the confines of the life sciences, spilling into all aspects of life. Every individual, and every organization, can make a difference in the world around us. It begins with a commitment to drive sustainable improvements that can set off a chain reaction that positively impacts everyone in our ecosystem. 

Creating a more equitable world

The GxP-CC team’s diverse perspectives provide the company and our clients with valuable insights. We encourage diversity within the broader life sciences industry by building awareness of the opportunities that the life sciences offer to people of all backgrounds. This includes our contributions to scholarships for students of local universities and support of organizations like the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association that help advance the careers of women in healthcare and promote gender parity in leadership roles. 

We welcome discussion and suggestions for how to further engage in opportunities that level the playing field for tomorrow’s scientists, IT leaders, and life sciences professionals.

Pursuing more responsible purchasing

Every decision we make at GxP-CC has the potential to impact people and the environment, but this is particularly true of our purchasing decisions. That’s why we are committed to purchasing equipment that reduces our environmental impact and/or support organizations that share our corporate values. 

We have implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives that include switching to an all-electric corporate fleet to reduce our company’s greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve also supplied all team members with a (RED) iPhone. (RED) products deliver a portion of their cost to The Global Fund and programs that help millions of people impacted by global health emergencies such as AIDS and COVID. 

Making more sustainable choices

We implement many initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. Our teams work remotely, offering both flexibility and a reduced corporate footprint. We also bring the communities we serve closer to nature and to a carbon-neutral future through our sponsorship of a local initiative that centers on planting thousands of trees. 

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