GxP-CC’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Cultivating an environment where everyone can flourish 

GxP-CC, a signatory of the German Diversity Charter, is committed to fostering a  workplace where talent from all walks of life can flourish, and feel valued and respected. We celebrate German Diversity Day and throughout the year by maintaining a culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace to not only do good but do well. 

Our core values drive how we engage with our customers, employees, and communities.
We Dare
Our typical customer projects involve the forefront of technical and scientific convergence. We Dare to face the consistent reinvention and repositioning of our expertise and knowledge, where it will have the highest value for our customers’ projects.
We Share
Within our organization, we value growth and learning and invest significantly in knowledge management to ensure that We Share our most up-to-date experiences and problem-solving approaches within the industry.
We Care
At some time in life, we are all patients, and We Care about delivering the best healthcare for our loved ones. Providing excellence in everything we do is our way of contributing to an increased quality of life for all.
We Always Deliver
Through the implementation of our ISO 9001-certified quality approach, we ensure competent and repeatable high-quality deliverables throughout the project lifecycle.

Our diversity is our clients’ strength

Our team’s varied disciplines and lived experiences help us deliver the innovative solutions upon which our clients depend. Because our experts are well-versed in life science requirements from across the globe, we can provide clients perspective in addressing their most complex safety and quality challenges — from the 30,000 foot vantage point to an up-close-and-local view. And with a team fluent in more than 15 languages, we help clients navigate cultural dynamics that can impede business. 

Doing our part in promoting DEI in the life sciences

Big things have small beginnings. Every step we take towards greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace has an impact on the broader world around us. That is why we support organizations like the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association that open up opportunities within the life sciences for women and other groups underrepresented within the life sciences sector. 

We have also teamed up with Google on its #IamRemarkable initiative to celebrate all of the ways our GxP-CC team members are remarkable. Through this program, we offer internal workshops that encourage team members to tackle “imposter syndrome” head-on and more confidently express their roles in driving achievements that improve the life science value chain. Our goal is to challenge the perceptions around self-promotion and strengthen employees’ confidence in their own remarkable capabilities. 

Have an idea to drive greater change at GxP-CC or for how we can improve diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare and the live science industry? We want to learn more. 


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