Data Analytics and Quality Intelligence for Non-IT

We’re excited to extend an invitation to our workshop, “Data Analytics and Quality Intelligence for Non-IT,” taking place alongside Peter Baker (LiveOakQA) in Dublin on November 23rd and 24th:

During the course of the workshop, our objective is to guide our esteemed audience through a comprehensive journey, beginning with Data Integrity and culminating in Quality Intelligence. This will encompass the presentation of recent real-world cases, in addition to the prevailing expectations set forth by regulatory bodies. Furthermore, we will facilitate interactive exercises, providing participants with hands-on experience in utilizing data visualization tools such as PowerBI. This practical component will be complemented by exercises centered around risk assessment.

A focal point of our workshop will be the elaboration and evaluation of risk management strategies pertinent to data analytics within the regulated GXP landscape. This will encompass a comprehensive discussion on risk-based strategies tailored to a GxP compliant AI/ML framework.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be well-equipped to effectively impart knowledge and educate their peers on the strategic deployment of data analytics and AI/ML. This will contribute to the cultivation of a sophisticated quality system and the democratization of data utilization across various organizational levels.

We eagerly anticipate the pleasure of your presence at this enriching event in Dublin this November!

Contact us for more information!

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