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Are you looking to enhance your organization’s data integrity practices and ensure a culture of quality? Look no further! Our comprehensive workshop covers critical topics such as Data Integrity, Data Governance, Quality Culture, Access Control, Data and Audit Trail review strategy, and the exciting future of transitioning from Data Integrity to Quality Intelligence.

Tailored to meet your specific needs, our workshop is scalable and flexible, accommodating any number of participants. We can customize the content to focus on earlier life cycle phases like GCP and CMC, providing valuable insights and strategies for each stage.

Led by industry expert Ulrich Köllisch, our workshop combines theoretical knowledge with practical guidance, empowering you to implement robust data integrity measures and cultivate a strong quality-driven environment. With vast experience “in the field” and active engagement in organizations like PDA, Ulrich Köllisch brings unparalleled expertise to the workshop.

Gain a competitive edge and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by mastering the foundations of data integrity. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your data management practices! Book our Data Integrity Workshop today to pave the way for a successful and trustworthy future.

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Flyer Data Integrity Workshop

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