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Vinicius Tarantino
By Vinicius Tarantino on April 09, 2021

Upcoming Webinar - UNBLOCK Your Life Science Initiatives with Blockchain

Our last Webinar about data integrity was a great success, and we thank you all for the questions and participation. We believe we can bring value to the industry when we collaborate to give insights and share solutions to our customers' challenges within compliance in Life Science.

Following this excitement, we are glad to announce another upcoming webinar: UNBLOCK Your Life Science Initiatives with Blockchain

We are excited to have Arxum  at this Webinar with us. They provide an advanced, industrial blockchain infrastructure and a versatile middleware which reduces complexity to interconnect existing IT Systems with blockchain based business logic.

Dr. Markus Jostock, CEO from ARXUM, and Roberto Orlandini, Digital Compliance Consultant from GxP-CC, will talk about how blockchain adds value to Life Science in digital transformation initiatives and what to consider on regulatory aspects.


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Published by Vinicius Tarantino April 9, 2021
Vinicius Tarantino