IT Compliance and
Cybersecurity Services

GxP-CC Cloud Compliance and Cybersecurity Services understands how the use of cloud computing services can revolutionize drug and treatment research. We develop a range of service to assist you to move securely to the cloud, but also to understand and adopt cybersecurity controls. 


To counter this, we provide three basic services with IT/IS Security governance tailored to meet customer needs based on production and regulatory requirements.

Cloud Compliance Strategy and Validation

With the growth of cloud-based services, many companies are finding problems with validating the security associated with the data housed within the cloud. GxP-CC has specific expertise in working with cloud solutions to ensure the vendors meet an organization’s security requirements and enable the required validated state.

We assist clients by providing the following services:

  • Support the development of cloud compliance strategy
  • Defining the intended use, GAMP category, evaluate the risks and demystifying what need to be qualified or validate.
  • Supporting with inspections and findings

Cybersecurity Design and Integration

GxP-CC is dedicated to the building of Cyber Security Services within organizations that must implement levels of security services to meet organizational objectives.

Our IT, OT and GxP specialists will assist you with the following services:

  • Development and support of Cybersecurity and Maturity Assessment for your needs and scope
  • Development of Cybersecurity roadmap for Life Science Business, Laboratory and Manufactory 
  • Develop and perform Security Awareness training with focus in Life Science use cases
  • Assisting in Roles, Responsibilities, and Policy 

Penetration Testing, Threat Modelling and Vulnerability Assessment Support

A large gap exists with the ability for organizations to properly conduct penetration testing, threat modeling and vulnerability assessments. This exists when organizations have no expertise in managing this process to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

You benefit with the following services:

  • Development of Threat Modelling and Cyber Heatmap
  • Execution and support on Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test
  • Confirming the existence of technical and legal protections for the project
  • Securing appropriate equipment for the Penetration/Vulnerability Assessment Teams

GxP-CC Cloud and Cybersecurity Training

Unique offers and virtual training tailored from GxP, IT and OT specialists presenting important topics about cloud computing, data integrity and information security.